Elected Council and Appointments



      President: Robyn Williams (NZ delegate - NZSG)
      Vice President: Vicki Montgomery (VIC delegate - GSV)
      Secretary: Margaret Doherty (History Queensland Inc.)
      Treasurer: Nick Reddan (ACT delegate - HAGSOC)


      Robyn Williams (NZ delegate; NZSOG)
      Vicki Montgomery (VIC delegate - GSV)
      Martyn Killion (NSW delegate - SAG)
      Geoff Doherty (QLD delegate - GSQ)
      Tricia Fairweather (WA Delegate - WAGS)
      Maurice Appleyard (TAS delegate - TFHS)
      Gilbert Materne (SA delegate - SAGHS)

State Associations Representatives

      Gail Hanger (NSW & ACT AFHS)
      Jenny Harkness (VAFHO)
      Margaret Doherty (History Queensland Inc.)


      Public Officer: June Penny (31 May 2001) (HAGSOC)
      Auditor: Ryk Eksteen
      Webmaster: Kerry Kilpatrick (GSQ)
      NFHM Coordinator: Shauna Hicks

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