Sterling cheque accounts for Individuals

See Information Sheet No 2 for Society cheque Sterling accounts. All applications (mentioning AFFHO) should be sent to:

Mr David Morgan Account Executive
Midland Bank
Plc Poultry and Princes Street Branch
PO Box 648 Poultry and Princes Street
London EC2P 2BX
(Phone - direct line: 171-260-8394 Fax: 171 260 7068).

Personal applications are required by law to be closely scrutinised and are subject to the Manager's discretion. Before making an application persons should satisfy themselves that their needs cannot be met by using a Society Sterling cheque account.

The following are essential before the application can be considered:

Westpac Bank is affiliated with the Midland Bank which will facilitate transfer of funds to the UK.

In the event of any subsequent difficulties please advise AFFHO.

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Last modified: 12 October 2015

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