Conditions of entry – Nick Vine Hall Award


The Nick Vine Hall Award is made annually in two categories:

Category A – for societies with less than 500 members

Category B – for societies with 500 or more members


All member societies of AFFHO are eligible to enter.

Only journals/newsletters dated the previous calendar year are eligible.

A first prize winner is not eligible to submit an entry for the next two years.

To avoid conflict of interest, an entry will not be accepted from any society which has a current Nick Vine Hall Award judge as a member of its Committee/Council.

Judging criteria

The judges will be looking for a Society that submits a well presented journal/newsletter with the best content, both in quality and range of articles, and for the quality and diversity of news items and information appropriate to that society’s aims and objectives.

When considering the entries, judges will assess each journal’s contribution in the following areas:

Journal Title and Society Name

Easy to identify and read


Should look attractive with date, volume and/or issue number clearly shown

Contents page/s

Must be clear, concise and useful

Running Headers or Footers

Must be clear on each page with the name of the society or journal, issue number and date

Organisation details

Should include mailing address; office bearers’ names and contact details; contribution deadlines and submission details

Page Titling

Should stand out from article or story text


Visual font and text selection are important


Should offer:

  • Contributions of various lengths
  • Authors’ names
  • A balance between new and experienced researchers
  • Accurate captioning of inserts such as illustrations, photographs and other images

Should cover:

  • Items of local, state or national interest
  • Enriched coverage of a particular subject or specific regional perspective
  • Record keeping, including computer programs
  • Recommended books, journals and websites
  • The importance of source citations

Should contain:

  • Forthcoming events (i.e. conferences, seminars, trips)
  • Services offered
  • Membership details
  • Notices of meetings
  • Help wanted
  • Library news including recent acquisitions
  • Meeting dates and reports
  • Members’ interests
  • Organisation (i.e. Branch, Group or Society) news
  • Project details and updates
  • Reports from genealogy and other organisations such as the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations, State Associations. and Archives
  • Other aspects such as occasional or regular reports
  • Activities and program of special interest groups
Layout and Production

A good layout and attractive presentation of any journal will not only enhance its contents, but may also encourage members and others to read it.

The journal:

  • Must be easy to read with clear photographs so people can be identified
  • Does not require professional publication; can be computer generated and photocopied
  • Should include promotional and/or paid advertisements
  • Should use fewer rather than more fonts – use bold, italics and different sizes of those fonts for captions, sub-headings. Readability is the guiding factor when using ‘all caps’
  • Must have balanced use of white space


Societies are required to submit three identical copies of their selected journal/newsletter, together with three copies of the completed entry form, between 1 January 2018 and 31 March 2018. No entries will be accepted after 31 March 2018. Entries are to be addressed to:

Nick Vine Hall Award
Attn: Vicki Montgomery
Level 6, 85 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Please to inform her that your entry has been posted