Elected Council and Appointments (2021-22)

Council officers

President: Robyn Williams (NZ delegate, NZSG)
Vice President: Vicki Montgomery (Vic Delegate, GSV)
Secretary:  vacant
Treasurer: Fay Carbis (Qld delegate, GCFHS)


Kerry Farmer (NSW delegate - SAG)
Maurice Appleyard (TAS delegate - TFHS)
Rosemary McKenzie (ACT delegate - HAGSOC)
Gail Hanger (NSW & ACT AFHS)
Jenny Harkness (VAFHO)
David Ballinger (SA)
Peter Forrestal (WA)
Vacant - Northern Territory.

State Associations Representatives

Gail Hanger (NSW & ACT AFHS)
Jenny Harkness (VAFHO)
Margaret Doherty (History Queensland Inc.)


Public Officer: June Penny (31 May 2001) (HAGSOC)
Auditor: Ryk Eksteen
Webmaster: Jan Squire
NFHM Coordinator: Alex Daw


Council Nominations

We are always looking for quality Councillors to assist in the running and governance of AFFHO. We normally declare all Council positions vacant at the AGM each year, usually in May. Prospective Councillors need to be nominated by an appropriate State Society or umbrella association. The prescribed form must be completed and forwarded to the Secretary by the due date. 

A copy of the nomination form can be downloaded by clicking here.
 (Note: It will probably want to download to your computer, so please put it somewhere where you can access it)