The Federation has Full and Associate member organisations representing over 50,000 persons involved in pursuing genealogy and family history in Australia and New Zealand/Aotearoa. Full membership is open to Australian and New Zealand/Aotearoa organisations whose primary interest is family history and allied subjects, while Associate membership is available to those organisations which share that interest with other subjects or are outside the region.

Why we need you to be a member of AFFHO?
We do many things, but most people will know that we facilitate our National Genealogy Congresses every three years, and our Family History Month each August, including related giveaways. We make Award presentations to notable community members and to good genealogical publications.  We also stand ready to take up important issues as required, and past activities include advocating for changing the Census destruction process to allow census information to be retained, and challenging the Government when they wanted to reduce the amount of marriage data collected. The AFFHO Council have committed volunteers willing to improve our genealogical environment, and new people, issues and ideas are always welcome.

It does cost us to maintain the Federation, for things including insurance, web and social media costs, presentations of prizes and Awards, and to stage the annual Family History Month each year. Your contribution helps us keep our infrastructure viable, enables us to inform your Society and members of what we are doing via our Newsletter, and allows us to tackle National or regional issues that are important to the family history community.

Why you should be a member of AFFHO?

Fees (per annum).
Full membership;
   under 200 members - AU$40.00
   200-299 members - AU$60.00
   300-399 members - AU$80.00
   400-499 members - AU$90.00
   500-999 members - AU$100.00
   1,000 or more members - AU$150.00

Membership is not available to individuals and research queries are not answered. Please direct research queries to your local genealogy Society.

Please find out if your organisation is a member of AFFHO, and if not, ask for your governing Committee to consider membership.

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