Index entries

Index Entries

The following fields will be on the index:

Index details

  • Name of the index;
  • Time span of indexed documents (start year to end year);
  • Place to which the indexed documents relate (name of town or district or region);
  • State in which the place is (Chapman code);
  • Country in which the place is (Chapman code);
  • Type category of the indexed records (eg newspaper, gazette, shipping list, monumental inscription);
  • Words that describe the subject of the indexed documents;
  • Proposed date of completion of the project;
  • Status of project ( Not started, Started, Done, Published).

Product details

  • Physical category of the product (eg book, microfiche, CD, online database);
  • The main features of the product (personal name index, place name index, subject index, facsimile of all source documents, transcript of all source documents);
  • If the product is CD, the file format of the product (eg Plain text, Spreadsheet, PDF, MS Word document, Relational database);
  • If the product is a CD, what operating system will it run under (Microsoft, Apple, Linux).


  • Name of the owner of the project;
  • Postal address of the owner of the project;
  • Email address of the owner of the project.

Submit Information

The Index Submissions are now moderated. Email to Information to and it will be added to the Index

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